Birthday Party at Fiat of Edmond

FIAT Celebrates Their Anniversary

Grab your free 7/11 Slurpee and head on over to Fiat of Edmond where the 119 year old birthday party will commence! Travel back in time to July 11, 1899 in Turin, Italy where Giovanni Agnelli and other founders signed the charter to bring the automobile company that is FIAT to life. Fiat experienced years of growth from just 24 cars in their first year to advertising on racing tracks and opening an American Fiat Automobile Company by their eighth year.

Fiat has worn many hats in the last 119 years from a luxury brand in America to producing trucks, marine engines, public transportation, railways, aircrafts, and more. To learn more about Fiat's history, click here. Fiat's history is worth our celebration at Fiat of Edmond!

Today, Fiat continues to be a dynamic brand with a vehicle to fit every lifestyle. At Fiat of Edmond, we offer new Fiat 500's in 5 models, and new Fiat 124 spiders. Fiat of Edmond also offers used vehicles ranging from Alfa Romeos to Toyotas. Visit Fiat of Edmond this summer to celebrate with us and test drive, today!
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