Say what? You have no clue what this unsavory looking piece of old fashioned candy is doing lit up on your dash? I wouldn't either. That's what Dash Light Confessional is here to explain.

Contrary to popular belief, that is not the outline of an uncomfortable pillow. That is supposed to represent the outline of your rotor and your brake pads, put together. Who would think of that? 

The brake pad monitoring light is made to tell you that your brakes are wearing low. This light pairs well with the shrill tone those same brakes are yelling at you with. We have all heard it, and we all dread it. 

Whenever you see this light, especially if it is before your brakes start calling out to you from below, bring your car into the Fiat of Edmond Service Center. Brakes are one of the most serious parts of your vehicle, essential to your day-to-day safety. This is a light that should fully understood by everyone, so they don't push brakes too far. 

Now you have one more piece of information to keep you and your family safe on the road. Happy driving, Edmond!